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Ethical Hacking
& Penetration Testing CTF

Central InfoSec training courses include numerous labs to gain hands on experience based on what our professionals see in their daily pen testing activities.

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Capture The Flag

Central InfoSec created a Capture The Flag (CTF) and scoreboard so you can keep track of your progress and challenge others or create teams to learn together.

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Web Application Hacking
& Penetration Testing CTF

Central InfoSec includes focus on web application penetration testing because studies show that most breaches occur at the application layer.

Learn to Hack Web Apps

Central InfoSec Capture The Flag

An educational CTF by Central InfoSec
built in support of our training courses

The annual 2021 Central InfoSec CTF event has completed. We have opened our CTF in Continous mode to support students that have purchased our training courses.
If you have purchased a training course, send us an email with your preferred username and email to ctf@centralinfosec.com and we will create your CTF account within 1-3 business days.

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You will need to create or join a team, even if it is just a team for yourself

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Vulnerable VM Download: CIS-WEBSRV01

A link to download the vulnerable VM is in the first Network Exploitation challenge description "Hack the VM Configuration". Part of the challenge is finding the IP address of the virtual machine.

Please provide your feedback, suggestions, issues, etc. to ctf@centralinfosec.com

CTF Categories

This Capture The Flag was created by Central InfoSec. Our goal is to bring security professionals together and build community awareness, by creating a fun environment where everyone can learn through hands-on challenges.

Central InfoSec leads the security industry with expertise in Web Application Penetration Testing, External/Internal Penetration Testing, Security Training, and Managed Phishing.

Our goal is to help you raise your security posture by identifying weaknesses and gaps while providing valuable recommendations and collaborative support.

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CTF Categories Include:

  • Jeopardy
    • Ports & Protocols
    • HTTP Status Codes
    • Know Your Acronyms
    • But Did You Get The Job?
  • Cryptography (CIS-WEBSRV01)
  • Reversing: Code Analysis (CIS-WEBSRV01)
  • Network Exploitation (CIS-WEBSRV01)
  • Web Applications (CIS-WEBSRV01)
    • Reconnaissance
    • Enumeration & Discovery
    • Exploitation: Authentication
    • Exploitation: Games
    • Exploitation: Basics
    • Exploitation: Intermediate
    • Exploitation: Advanced

Capture The Flag

250+ Challenges

Live Scoreboard

130+ Flags

Enhance Your Skills

Team Building

Hands-On Experience

CTF Event Details

Start: 04/05/2021 10:00 AM EST
End: 04/19/2021 11:59 PM EST

The competition will start on April 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST and will end on April 19, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills, want to gain hands-on experience, learn offensive methodologies, challenge others, or are an organization looking for a team building exercise, this capture the flag event is for you!

This capture the flag exercise is a team-based event with over 250 challenges. You are able to play as a team of one, but we recommend that you you create/join a team of up to ten players. Points will be awarded for completing challenges.

We recommend that challengers register at https://ctf.centralinfosec.com/register and setup a Kali Linux virtual machine prior to the start of the event. We will release our Central InfoSec Vulnerable Web Server 01 (CIS-WEBSRV01) which will be used for a variety of challenges.

CTF Rules

  • Do not attack/scan the scoreboard (ctf.centralinfosec.com)
  • Do not attack/scan the Central InfoSec website (www.centralinfosec.com)
  • Do not attack/scan other players
  • Do not brute force flags
  • Do not disclose flags to anyone
  • Do not cheat by creating multiple accounts/teams
  • CTF writeups are allowed but only if the flag values are redacted/hidden and links are provided to the Central InfoSec website and scoreboard

Central InfoSec Training

Central InfoSec training contains hundreds of hands-on lab exercices based on real life scenarios that our team observes throughout the year.
Gain hands on experience through the Central InfoSec Capture-The-Flag hacking exercises. The CTF has a custom vulnerable web server to practice exploiting.

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Central InfoSec Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm

Best Penetration Testing
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Central InfoSec named Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm
2021 Corporate Excellence Awards - Corporate Vision

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Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm - Corporate Excellence Awards, 2021

5 Best Cyber Security Companies to Watch - The Silicon Review, 2021

10 Best Security Companies - CIO Bulletin, 2021

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Central InfoSec Cyber Security Top 5 Cyber Security Consulting Company
Central InfoSec Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm
Central InfoSec Cyber Security Top 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Consulting Company
Central InfoSec Cyber Security Top 10 Cyber Security Company
Central InfoSec Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm
Central InfoSec Cyber Security Top 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Consulting/Services Companies